Latonia Hartery

Broadcast Date – November 15, 2017

Today’s guest came by way of lovely happen stance.  What was meant to be a behind the scenes – sites and sounds show from the Nova Scotia film set of HOPELESS ROMANTIC allowed for a great sit down chat with one of the movie’s producers and directors – Latonia Hartery. We’ll have that on set special for you in a few weeks time, but today’s show will provide us with some truly cool inside scoop on this exciting new romantic comedy, as well as some wonderful insights into this Newfoundland born filmmaker. Now, as for where we recorded today’s show – imagine a very large main floor common room in a residence at Halifax’s historic Dalhousie University – a busy spot with a ceiling as high its students expectations – so background hubbub aside… here’s my conversation with HOPELESS ROMANTIC‘s Latonia Hartery!

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We looked everywhere for audio/video about Latonia’s band KARUMBA and sadly could find nothing… our imagination runs wild.
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Find Latonia Hartery on-line on Twitter @HartLatonia on Facebook @LatoniaHartery  and on Instagram @latonia_hart

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