Jonathan Torrens

Broadcast Date – December 20, 2017

What a treat it was catching up to today’s guest – he is hands down the best! Ask anyone and they’ll tell ya PEI born, Nova Scotia based award winning actor Jonathan Torrens is the finest kind of fella and these days he’s certainly one of the busiest. Having just added author to his ever growing list of accomplishments – he was in the midst of a cross country book tour with his CANADIANITY co-author and Taggart and Torrens Podcast co-host former Our lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart. Lucky for me Jonathan was off the road for the weekend and so we met at a not so quiet coffee shop in Truro, Nova Scotia. The hub of Nova Scotia, the home of his long time gig TRAILER PARK BOYS and not too far from his country home. Hard to cover it all of in an hour but we’ll chat about everything from his work on TV, to his best selling book, his lovely family to his growing legions of bahds – we’ll talk Christmas and about his plans for the future and so much more – here’s my conversation with the remarkable Jonathan Torrens!

Thanks and sorry to Jeremy Taggart for allowing me to ruin the cool picture above with your co-host.  I was supposed to take a selfie when Jonathan and I met up but in all the excitement I forgot.  You can see what the picture really looks like by clicking here.

Thanks also to NovelTea Bookstore Cafe in Truro for letting us use your cool spot to chat.

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For the record the word “vertently” is not a word, advertently however is and means “unintentional: not attentive; heedless: of, relating to, or characterized by lack of attention.” To put it in a sentence… Jeremy inadvertently used Jonathan’s mother-in-laws credit card to book the JerBnBs.

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“Funky Cold Medina”, “Bust a Move”

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