Ron James

Broadcast Date August 9, 2017

How amazing it was to have this fella find his way to the studio in Hubbards.  Nova Scotia born/ Toronto Based comedian Ron James has returned to the homeland for a a number of reasons – including a show at the Lunenburg Opera House on Saturday, August 19th. We’ll talk about that and… well… everything!  From how he got started, to his work in Television, to his love of Stand Up, from his many projects on the go, to his great love of Canada’s Ocean Playground. Hang on to something – here’s my great conversation with the award winning wonderful – Ron James!

For information on Ron’s show at the Lunenburg Opera House on Saturday, August 19th click here.

For information on
you can visit the movie’s
IMDb page by clicking here.
For the record…
I didn’t see the movie
but I did watch the 1977

TV series and you can find
info on that here
For information on Second City and it’s history
Check out Ron’s Cool People Profile by clicking here
Watch #SABStv’s interview with Ron James in Toronto by clicking here.
For the scoop on Ron’s last tour see RON JAMES 2016 Pedal to the Metal Tour
For all things Ron James visit
Follow Ron on twitter: @TheRonJamesShow and like him on Facebook: @RonJamesComedy

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