Joel Thomas Hynes

Broadcast Date – March 7, 2018

It was a real treat connecting with today’s guest and here’s why – he’s an honest to goodness renaissance man. He is a novelist, a singer, a songwriter, a musician, an actor, a screenwriter – and on the list goes. He’s also very funny as evidence by his latest series LITTLE DOG – and now that I know what to expect when we connect – I’m not afraid, but for the sake of full transparency – back when I first interviewed Joel Thomas Hynes at the 2014 Atlantic International Film Festival I was… well… nervous. And truthfully that had everything to do with his great acting skills – from his guest starring stint as dark and scary Taylor Gossard on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE to his darker and scary turn as Angus in CAST NO SHADOW– buddy had me more than worried but there was nothing to worry about. Our chat back then was a great one and we’ll have more on his award winning feature CAST NO SHADOW coming up in a bit, and we’ll hear from his award winning cos-star too. But we’ve got plenty of new ground to cover with this constantly creating NL fella – from his most recent novel “We’ll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night,” to music from his brand new album DEAD MAN’S MELODY (all 9 tracks written by Joel Thomas Hynes), to his just premiered comedy series for CBC called LITTLE DOGJoel created the show which was shot in Newfoundland – and we’ll get the scoop on all of that including production and cast.  And speaking of cast – we’ll catch up to a brilliant member of the LITTLE DOG family – wonderful Irish born actress Ger Ryan who plays Tommy’s oh so passive-aggressive mother Sylvia. We’ll even play a long overdue round of INsight IN 10 with the man – it’s a jam packed show so let’s get to it. Enjoy my telephone conversation with the one and only Joel Thomas Hynes!

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“We’ll All Be Burnt In Our Beds Some Night” click here
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LITTLE DOG cast – Andy Jones, Ger Ryan, Stephen Oates, Katherine Isabelle, Billy Cochrane (mom Adriana Maggs & Steve Cochrane), Shawna MacDonald, Patricia Isaac, Julia Chan, Dwain Murphy

For more on Ger Ryan visit her IMDb page, follow her on Twitter @TheRealGerRyan
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