Linda Brooks

Broadcast Date – May 2, 2018

And what a delight it was to catch up to New Brunswick native Linda Brooks the Halifax based singer-songwriter and actress has just added author to her list of accomplishments so we’re celebrating the release of Orchestra In My Garden over 200 pages of gorgeous flowers, heart felt essays and 22 truly moving songs – all inspired by her garden – you might say we have a lot of ground to cover (pun intended). So without further ado here’s my conversation with the one and only Linda Brooks!

Visit Linda’s site

Follow her on Twitter @linda_brooks and like her on Facebook Facebook: Linda Brooks Music

For #SABStv’s visit to the MR.D set click here

The Halifax Feast Theatre has since closed but you can find out more on the Grafton Street Theatre Company click here.

We caught up to Linda’s beloved Mike Volpe on the back lot of MR.D during SEA AND BE SCENE TV’s Maritimes in a Day Special click here to watch that.

While you’re here be sure to check out Linda’s Cool People Profile – click here for that.

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