Sherman Downey

Broadcast Date – July 18, 2018

Today we’re catching up to Corner Brook based award winning singer/songwriter Sherman Downey who as it turns out is on vacation. A much deserved break if you will for a fella who’s always on the go – in fact next month he’ll be flat out with shows including – a return to the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre for a long run with the Gros Morne Summer Music Series and a get together with his buddy Shaun Majumder at the gang at THE GATHERING – so we’ll talk about those shows and more plus his feelings on fishing, his style of song writing, his great plans for the his next project and of course we’ll play as much of his marvelous music we can squeeze into the hour. So without further ado here’s my conversation with the one and only SHERMAN DOWNEY!

Catch up to Sherman on line website:, Twitter: @ShermanDowney, Instagram: @sherman_downey
All the music played by Sherman on today’s show is available on iTunes – you can download it for yourself by clicking on the title – “Heart vs. Head”, “Outta Your Mind”, “Thick As Theives”, “Blue”, “Windowsill”
While you’re here check out the COOL PEOPLE PROFILE for Sherman Downey
And be sure to WATCH SEA AND BE SCENE TV’s ECMA 2015 Special from St.John’s for an on camera (on the move) chat with Sherman Downey. Click here or on the picture for that.
For the details on Sherman’s tour schedule click here
For details on Sherman’s hometown click here
The Bowler Trailer 
My apologies to anyone who loves camping – to each their own.
For the full scoop on THE GATHERING including the Glamping Tents of ‘OME  visit
For information on Sherman’s concerts with the Gross Morne Summer Concert Series Further to Fly: A Little More Paul Simon Spectacular click here
You can find the full scoop on the city of Corner Brook by visiting their official site 
Here’s Sherman’s GR’8 #SABS8 Salute – some handsome wha?!
Stay tuned for upcoming dates but For a little bit about Sherman’s Winter Island Tour with Matthew Byrne click here
And for the record Here’s a picture of Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case

For more on Bridget and Dahlia check out their profile here
Listen to them here…
For the scoop producer Dan Ledwell and his Lake Echo Studio – visit his site
For the record Sherman and the Ambiguous Case WON the 2013 CBC Searchlight Contest with their killer tune “THICK AS THEIVES” you can read all about it here
To watch the awesome video for “BLUE” filmed in Gros Morne click here
And for the Top 10 Things to do in Gros Morne – watch this….

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