Deanne Foley

Broadcast Date September 5, 2018

I’ve gotta say it’s always awesome to talk with filmmaker Deanne Foley, and the St.John’s native has given us plenty to report on over the years…. from her first feature back in 2012 which she co-wrote and directed BEAT DOWN an irreverent comedy about wrestling, family and following your dreams no matter how painful that can sometimes be. To her 2014 romantic comedy RELATIVE HAPPINESS about a plus sized and feisty Bed and Breakfast owner who desperately needs a date to her sisters wedding.To her time directing episodes of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and now her latest efforts as one of 6 directors on the rom-com HOPELESS ROMANTIC about a 50 something lady who helps 6 different women navigate through relationships across an epic landscape of partners, emotions, risks and payoffs and as the director of the moving drama AN AUDIENCE OF CHAIRS with its unflinching look at this woman’s struggle with mental illness and her struggle to put her life back together. both of which will be celebrated with a gala screening at next week’s FIN ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Now that’s a ton to talk about – so we’ll save all of our HOPELESS ROMANTIC discussion for a special ensemble episode to air next week. And we’ll concentrate on Deanne’s solo effort AN AUDIENCE OF CHAIRS in this show plus we’ll talk about how she got started in the business, how she felt about filming right here in Hubbards and a whole lot more including casting, comradery and of course destiny. With 2 films screening at fin Ms.Foley is flat out so we were thrilled to catch up with her on the move in the homeland – so without further ado here’s my conversation with Newfoundland’s own DEANNE FOLEY!

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For more information on AN AUDIENCE OF CHAIRS visit their Facebook page.

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