Neville MacKay

Broadcast Date February 13, 2019

With today’s guest I can honestly say “enjoyable” doesn’t go far enough – ask anyone who’s had the good fortune of watching and working with Neville MacKay and they’ll say he is a riot. Do a search on and you’ll see Mr. MacKay is our resident EAST COAST EXPERT when it comes to all things floral. Truth be told his skills and dedication to the craft have garnered him worldwide expert status – touring throughout North American and the UK sharing his wealth of knowledge and always presenting a fresh and fabulous affinity for flowers. Besides all that and running his incredible Halifax based shop called My Mother’s Bloomers, Neville is a regular guest on morning Television and radio here in Atlantic Canada, Mr. Mackay is also an author and regular contributor to numerous international publications. And while his schedule is beyond busy he always finds time to give back so much so that his philanthropic work has led to him receiving many awards, including a commendation from the Nova Scotia Lt. Governor. And that great giving continues on February 29th when Neville along with his Husband David Macfarlane host an evening of Fun, Flowers, and Fundraising all in support of Kids Help Phone. So we’ll talk about all of that and then some including – how he first got his start in floral design, where he stands on packing light and his continuing love for CORONATION STREET. With all that ahead I say lets get to it. Here’s my conversation with the one and only Neville MacKay!

Follow Neville on Twitter @levelneville on Facebook @NevilleMacKay
Visit My Mother’s Bloomers 2086 Creighton St. Halifax Call 902-422-2700 On Line at and on Instagram @mymothersbloomers
For more information on AN EVENING WITH NEVILLE & DAVID Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel on February 28th click here.
For more on Neville’s hometown of Shelburne click here
Neville-David-and-MumFor information and to order Neville’s book “Neville on the Level: Blooming, Arranging & Living the Florist’s Life” You’ll read stories that have surrounded Neville’s expert design talents to create floral works for many celebrities and heads of state, including Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, and members of the British Royal Family. You can order your copy here.
Send Neville your flower stories for his forthcoming book – you can reach him at the shop via email or message him on Facebook as well.
You can listen to our extended podcast chat with legendary broadcaster Jeff Hutcheson (who Neville and I both love btw) click here
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The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert click here  

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