Adriana Maggs

Broadcast Date March 20, 2019

As I always say “Our chats will be just that very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable!”

That was the case entirely when I connected with award winning filmmaker Adriana Maggs – one of the many perks of my profession is seeing TV shows and movies in advance of their premiere and my call with Ms.Maggs was placed the morning after screening her brand new feature GOALIE. Adriana directs and co-wrote the film based on the life of hockey legend Terry Sawchuk the movie is a remarkable achievement starring one of our favourite NL fellas Mark O’Brien as Sawchuk, with his real life wife Georgina Reilly as his wife Pat.

Now since our chat the movie has made it’s way into theatres in both Toronto and Vancouver, but is this call we’ll cover off the anticipation and all the inspiration and hard work that went into bringing this fantastic film to life. We’ll also talk about Adriana’s award winning debut feature film GROWN UP MOVIE STAR and her many TV credits including her current work on LITTLE DOG. Plus we’ll talk about her incredible casts, her preferred way of writing, and spin some of her favourite tunes along the way. We’ll also squeeze in a fun first Things First and a long over due round of INsights IN 10. So without further ado here’s my conversation with the one and only Adriana Maggs!




Follow Adriana on Twitter @adey_maggs  on Instagram @adeymaggs

Visit her IMDb page here

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We played 2 really cool Elliott BROOD songs “Without Again” available on iTunes here and “The Valley Town” available on iTunes here

We played “26 cents” by The Wilkinsons available on iTunes here

For the record… Adriana’s favourite noise – the truck-down-a-hill sound – can be found on Elliott BROOD’s album MOUNTAIN MEADOWS between “The Body” and “Miss You Now”

For the scoop on Adriana’s favourite movie THE ADVENTURE OF FAUSTUS BIDGOOD click here

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