Hal Sparks

Broadcast Date April 3, 2019

Today’s guest… well he straight up makes me laugh. I’m a huge fan of the man – and I’m not alone! In fact if you’ve seen the man’s CHARMAGEDON stand up show you know – he’s non stop funny.  Indeed he’s been cracking them up since he was just a little boy.  He began his professional career as a teenager in Chicago as a part of the famous Second City Troupe and was declared “Funniest Teenager In Chicago” by the Chicago Sun Times.

I connected with wonderful comedian and actor Hal Sparks on the phone over the course of a couple of calls last week to talk about everything including his upcoming shows at Ha!ifax ComedyFest. I loved his run on E’s Talk Soup… as I confess during our chat so we talk about that as well as his many acting roles over the year’s – from his dramatic turn to the mega award winning and groundbreaking Queer As Folk, to his time as a Disney Dad on Lab Rats, to his big screen turns in films like DUDE WHERE MY CAR?. Plus we talk rock and his band ZERO 1, and his radio show (and after show), and charity work, and so much more! We even squeeze in fun FIRST THINGS FIRST and play an enlightening round of INsights IN 10.  So with all that ahead – I say let’s get to it here’s my conversation with the one and only Hal Sparks!

Follow Hal Sparks on Instragram @halsparks Twitter @halsparks and Facebook @halsparksfanpage

For all things Hal Sparks visit www.halsparks.com

Tune in to Hal Sparks Radio Program Mega-Worldwide on WCPT-AM in Chicago here

For a complete list of Hal’s film and TV credits check out Hal’s IMDb page here

We played the new single from ZERO 1 call “Strange” and it’s available on iTunes here

We also played “American Psycho” by ZERO 1 available on iTunes here

For Showtimes & Tickets to Hal’s shows during the Ha!ifax ComedyFest click here and for all the other events/shows at the festival click here

For more on The Second City click here

WE LOVE SCTV TOO!!! Click here for more on that

I talked about Steven Wright you can check out his comedy here

Burgess Meredith played Mickey in the ROCKY movies… and FYI his cauliflower ears are a result of his real life career in boxing

We talked about a bunch of movies just click on the title for more info FLETCH, DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR, BLADERUNNER (1982), SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, THE FIRM, A FEW GOOD MEN, EDGE OF TOMORROW, THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN

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