Gord Bamford

Broadcast Date May 15, 2019

It’s always awesome day when I can chat with today’s guest so when I heard he was heading East to play the Memorial Cup StreetFest in Halifax May 25th – I knew we were due for a catch up. Australian Born/Alberta Based mega award winning Canadian Country Singer/Songwriter Gord Bamford is a kindred spirit of the finest kind – his near 20 year career includes tons of top 10’s 2 #1 hits and touring all over the world. His humble nature and generous spirit are as endearing as his incredible stream of marvelous music – indeed there’s plenty of stellar stuff to talk about including his forthcoming album, his talented family and the millions of dollars he’s raised through his charitable foundation – plus we’ll get to first things first and play a long over due round of Insights IN 10 and naturally play as much his amazing music as we can throughout the hour – so without further ado – here’s my conversation with the one and only Gord Bamford.

For all things Gord Bamford visit gordbamford.com

For more on the Gord Bamford Charitable Foundation click here

Follow him on Instagram @thegordbamford, like him on Facebook @GordBamford1, and follow him on Twitter @gordbamford

For details on Gord’s show at the Memorial Cup Streetfest and for full line up of concerts click here

You can listen to my conversation with Jim Cuddy and Gord Bamford at the CCMA’s by clicking here

SABStv's Stephanie Beaumont with Gord Bamford and Jim Cuddy

We played some Gord’s amazing music – you can get them for yourself on iTunes just by clicking on the title “Where A Farm Used To Be”, “Little Guy”, “Leaning On A Lonesome Song”, “Dive Bar”, “Drinking Buddy”, “When Your Lips Are So Close”, “Don’t Let Her Be Gone”, “My Daughter’s Father”

Sending a shout out to the Team at FX101.9 in Halifax who were kind enough to send us the track for Gord’s first hit “Man Of The House” – sadly it’s not available on iTunes but you can watch the video on repeat like we do here.

For more on Gord’s favourite movie MAJOR LEAGUE click here.

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