Georgina Reilly

Broadcast Date May 29, 2019

I so enjoyed catching up with today’s guest – British born, Los Angeles based actress Georgina Reilly is a kindred spirit of the highest order – not only because she’s always been so generous with her time for SEA AND BE SCENE over the years – but also because she fell in love with and married one of our favourite NL fella’s, Mark O’Brien after meeting on the set of one of our favourite EAST Coast shows REPUBLIC OF DOYLE. Now Georgina is starring in along side her man in the moving motion picture GOALIE. A feature film based on the real and raw life story of hockey Legend Terry Sawchuck in which Mr. And Mrs. O’Brien play Mr and Mrs. Sawchuk and together on screen they are phenomenal. So we’ll talk about her new movie and so much more – including how life has changed since the birth of their daughter Penelope, what advice she’d give to anyone wishing to become and actor and of course we’ll chat about her much beloved role as Dr.Emily Grace on CBC’s long running fan fave MURDOCH MYSTERIES plus we’ll do first things first, get the lowdown on Louie the cat and play a long over due round of INsights IN 10.

Now for the record we connected with Georgina just prior to GOALIE’s limited big city release this past March, but I held onto our chat so that we could share it when folks on the East Coast could it enjoy the movie too too – and so you can on JUNE 11TH when GOALIE will be available to stream and download on iTunes – so without further ado here’s my conversation with the one and only Georgina Reilly.

Follow Georgina on Instagram(1)Be sure to follow Georgina on social media on Instagram @georginareilly on Twitter @georginareilly and on Facebook @GEORGINAREILLYOFFICIAL

You can check out her IMDb page here

Mark O'Brien and Georgina Reilly star in GOALIEFor more on GOALIE including the amazing trailer click here

FYI – Georgina and Mark were in New York for their new series CITY ON A HILL – for info on that click here

For more on MURDOCH MYSTERIES click here

For more on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE click here

Remember Georgina’s first job – well we found out you can actually shop Mango retail online here in Canada at

You can watch Georgina & Mark working together in their short films by clicking on the title BETTER PEOPLE and WANDERER

You can listen to our interview with GOALIE director/co-writer Adriana Maggs here

You can watch that first interview with Georgina at The Duke of Duckworth here

MARK & GEORGINA a love story video linkWatch SEA AND BE SCENE TV’s exclusive – “Georgina & Mark A Love Story” here

For more on that movie/play I think Georgina & Mark should do – SAME TIME NEXT YEAR click here. Watch the trailer here

For the record Phil Riccio did like my tweet but the ‘green light’ for The Company Theatre Stage is still pending

We had a great chat with Georgina’s MURDOCH MYSTERIES co-star Jonny Harris you can watch that here.

For the scoop on that movie SOAPDISH starring Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey Jr. And Whoopi Goldberg click here

Georgina recommended the audio version of Jenna Fischer’s “An Actor’s Life” you can get it online here

Stop and watch Jason Bateman’s SAG speech here (we both loved it)

When we were talking about destiny I referenced SLIDING DOORS get the scoop on that film here

Here are the links all of our previous interviews, features and profiles on Georgina Reilly – GOALIE out March 1st, Georgina Reilly Really Busy and Loving It (video) Georgina & fiancé Mark O’Brien A Love Story (video) and Georgina’s Cool People Profile too!!! Plus our feature on BETTER PEOPLE and catch Georgina’s cameo in our on-set interview with REPUBLIC OF DOYLE’s Mark O’Brien

You can listen to our chat with Megan Smith by clicking here

For more on Georgina’s favourite movies click on the title ALL ABOUT EVE, HIS GIRL FRIDAY, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA

For the scoop on the hopeful stars of Georgina Reilly’s biopic click on their names Krysten Ritter (her first choice) gave way to Rachel Weisz as Georgina and in the role of Mark O’Brien… Jason Bateman

We actually played INsights IN 10 with Georgina’s husband Mark twice – to watch the first edition recorded back in 2010 click here and to watch his INsights IN 10 REDUX click here

For the record that fateful episode of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE during which Georgina met Mark O’Brien (Des Courtney) was Ep.207 “Crashing on the Couch”

We played Melanie O’Brien’s “Too Many Years” available on iTunes here

We played Great Big Sea’s “Oh Yeah” available on iTunes here

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