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Broadcast Date June 12, 2019

If you’ve been following the SEA AND BE SCENE adventures over the years you’ll know that one of our absolute favourites has been NL fella Mark O’Brien. We’d catch up to him regularly back when he was playing Des on one of our favourite EAST Coast shows – REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.  When the show wrapped ya might say Mark’s career took off like a rocket – with rolls in everything from AMC’s darling HALT AND CATCH FIRE to Denis Villeneuve‘s Oscar winning ARRIVAL, to ANON and THE LAST TYCOON, to THE FRONTRUNNER to his first starring role in a feature film – Adriana Maggs latest GOALIE the story of hockey legend Terry Sawchuk. And oh my goodness does Mark deliver. So we’ll talk about his brilliant performance and so much more including his new TV series CITY ON A HILL, his forthcoming feature HAMMER, and of course his GOALIE co-star and wife Georgina Reilly – we’ll also play First Things First and do a little More or Less and since it’s Mr.O’Brien – we’ll have a lot of laughs.

Now for the record Mark and I connected just prior to GOALIE’s limited big city release this past March – but I held onto our chat so that we could share it when folks on the East Coast could it enjoy the movie too – and now you can because just this week GOALIE dropped on iTunes where it’s available to stream and download for your viewing pleasure.  Alright now without further ado please enjoy my telephone conversation with the one and only Mark O’Brien!

Follow Mark O’Brien on Twitter @markobrienNL and on Instagram @markobrienforeal
GOALIE is available to stream/download on iTunes movies here
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You can watch Allan Hawco sing Mark’s praises in this interview here at the 6:45 minute mark
For more on Mark’s previous projects click on the title – REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, HALT AND CATCH FIRE , ARRIVAL, THE LAST TYCOON , for the many others visit his IMDb page here
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Watch my chat with Christian Sparks about first film CAST NO SHADOW click here
We talked about just a few of Mark’s favourite movies and a few others I mentioned too – for more info just click on the title THE GAME, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, AFTER HOURS, TITANIC, PRETTY WOMAN, ROMEO + JULIET, ROPE, GREEN BOOK
We played “Paddy Murphy” by Great Big Sea available on iTunes here
For more on Mark’s GOALIE co-stars just click on their name Kevin Pollak, Éric Bruneau, Steve Byers
We played “Talk Show Host” by Radio Head available on iTunes here
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