Melanie O’Brien

Broadcast Date June 26, 2019

What a joy it was to connect with today’s guest – see we’ve been a fan of singer/songwriter Melanie O’Brien for a long time now and if you’re a regular visitor to the site then you’ve seen her smiling face on everything from her debut album release, to her Cool People Profile and SEA AND BE SCENE Birthday Salutes as well.  But it wasn’t until earlier this month that we shared the news that had us all smiling.  Not only did we celebrate the release of 2 new tunes, but we announced she’ll be hitting the road this July for a 12 date tour that includes shows in her home province of Newfoundland and – for the first time ever – gigs in New Brunswick, PEI and her in Nova Scotia too. So we’ll talk about her upcoming swing through Atlantic Canada and so much more – including her work as a vocal coach, her very cool musical partner Phil Goodridge and her very sweet partner off stage husband Zach Hutton – plus we’ll cover off First Things First and play a fun round of INsights in 10, and naturally squeeze in as much of her marvelous music as we can throughout the hour. So without further ado – here’s my conversation with the one and only Melanie O’Brien.

You can find Melanie OnLine at

Follow Melanie like we do on Instagram: @melanieobrien82, on  Twitter @obrienmel1 and Facebook @ Melanie O’Brien

You can get the scoop on Melanie’s first East Coast tour click here.

Melanie’s #Broface is none other than award winning actor Mark O’Brien – you can listen to our podcast chat with Mark here

For more on Melanie’s touring partner and duo-mate  Phil Goodridge check out THE DUDS’ Facebook page here

We listened to lots of Melanie’s lovely music – you can get them for yourself on iTunes just by clicking on the title… “Stubborn Heart”, “I’ll Come Home”, “Heartbeat”, “When I Loved You”

For more on Melanie’s producer NL’s Ian Foster click here.

You can check out Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan here.

For on Melanie’s debut CD SHINING IN THE BLUE click here.

You can hear my chat with Steve Poltz (who never has  set list) click here.

Didn’t Melanie’s program at Sheridan College sound awesome!!! Get the scoop on it by visiting

For more on Melanie’s favourite film ALMOST FAMOUS click here, and for more on her biopic stars just click on their names Christina Hendricks and Ryan Reynolds

Here’s a picture of Melanie and her sweet husband Zach Hutton near St.John’s legendary Signal Hill.

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