Aaron Goodvin

Broadcast Date July 31, 2019

Let me just say catching up to today’s guest was so super cool! This past weekend I traveled down the shore to the legendary Bridgewater Exhibition for a backstage interview with the award winning and wonderful kindred spirit Aaron Goodvin. The Alberta Born/Nashville based, platinum Country recording artist is, as they say, the real deal.  His amazing vocals and killer lyrics have made him a radio favourite with an ever-growing fan base – and while he’s been busy hitting the top 10 with his tunes – plenty of major acts like Jon Pardi and Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan are recording other great songs he’s written as well.  So while his band was busy setting up and sound-checking we sat down to talk about all of it… from the stories behind the music, to his real life love story, his process for songwriting, his take on destiny, his affinity for romantic comedies and so much more. Plus we play – a fun round of first things first, a rapid round of Insights IN 10 and as much as his marvelous music as we can squeeze into the hour. So with all that ahead – we best get to it – here’s my conversation with the one and only Aaron Goodvin.

For all things Aaron Goodvin visit aarongoodvin.com

Follow Aaron like we do on Instagram @aarongoodvin, on Twitter @AaronGoodvin and Facebook @AaronGoodvin

We loved playing some Aaron’s amazing music all the tracks are available on iTunes and you’ll find the link to each tune by clicking on the title “Lonely Drum,” “Woman In Love,” “Knock On Wood,” “Miss Me Yet,” “Bars and Churches” and “Kill a Kiss.”

You’ve just gotta watch the beautiful video for “Woman In Love” (which features Aaron & Victoria’s real life wedding) – go on… we’ll wait!

That comedian that Aaron mentioned – who played Tom Haverford on PARKS AND RECREATION is Aziz Ansari

Aaron mentioned writing with Jeffrey Steele – and oh my goodness do we love Jeffrey!!! He co-produced my sophomore CD WAY OVER MY HEART and wrote a bunch of tracks for it too including “My Greatest Love” – you can listen to that duet by Jeffrey Steele and me here.  For more on Mr.Steele check out his website jeffreysteele.com

Remember when I thought Drew Barrymoore starred in A CINDERELLA STORY and Aaron corrected me saying it was Hillary Duff – well, the movie I was thinking of was EVER AFTER: A CINDERELLA STORY …. sorry about that.

And for the record here’s Aaron’s DM confirming the actors he and Victoria would like to star in their biopic.


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