Jimmy Rankin

Broadcast Date August 21, 2019

It’s always wonderful catching up with today’s guest.  Thanks to his prolific songwriting, his constant creativity, his steady stream of tour dates and his mega-award winning albums – Cape Breton born Jimmy Rankin has given us oodles and oodles of awesome news to feature on SEA AND BE SCENE over the years, and our on camera interviews from on the red carpet at the CCMA’s to behind the scenes at ECMA’s to his very insightful INsights IN 10 we’ve covered it all – but we were definitely due for a catch up especially given his killer new project MOVING EAST his forthcoming fall tour and his sold out show at the legendary Shore Club September 6th. So we’ll talk about all of that and so much more including his love of live performance, the craft of songwriting, the worldwide status of “Fare the Well Love,” his take on destiny and his recent brush with the Stanley Cup, plus we’ll play fun round of first things first and squeeze in a little less is more and naturally play as much of his amazing music as we can over the course of the hour – so without further ado here’s my telephone conversation with the one and only Jimmy Rankin.

Follow Jimmy like we do on Instagram @jimmyrankinmusic on Facebook: Jimmy Rankin Music and on Twitter: @jimmyrankin

For everything else including tour dates, music videos and more visit jimmyrankin.com

For more on Jimmy’s hometown of Mabou, Cape Breton visit mabouvillage.com

For more on Jimmy’s album MOVING EAST and all of his other solo CD’s click here

For more on Joel Plaskett visit joelplaskett.com and for the scoop on his awesome studio in Dartmouth New Scotland Yard here.

You can here our podcast chat with Nashville based singer/songwriter Patricia Conroy here

For more on Jamie Robinson check out his Cool People Profile here

Check out the very cool video for Cool Car

We played the following Jimmy Rankin songs during the show and you can pick them up on iTunes just click on the title and go there… Been Away, What I Wouldn’t Give, Cool Car, Fare the Well Love and Highlander

For the record Fare The Well Love was declared the #1 East Coast Song of All time by CBC in September 2013.  You can read more about the honour here.

For more BARFLY click here and more on that documentary WOODSTOCK click here

Jimmy talked about his sisters’ place in Mabou – that’s the Red Shoe Pub and if you’re ever there you better go!!! For more on the hoppin’ spot visit redshoepub.com

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