Rachel Beck

Broadcast Date: October 23, 2019

Without question the best part of this SEA AND BE SCENE adventure as been the people you meet along the way – and as lucky would have it – way back in 2013 when we were on Prince Edward Island to film our Holiday Special which included a stop into the Charlottetown Christmas Market only to discover the loveliest voices of Rachel and Amy Beck. In the years that followed we loved covering their musical releases and catching up to them when ever we could – so fast forward to 2018 to when Rachel Beck releases her self titled debut solo CD – that has since gone on to win multiple awards and have the very first single Reckless Heart” sit in the #1 position for six weeks straight. Now as we’ll discover she’s busy recording her sophomore solo project and about to hit the road with fellow Islanders the Atlantic String Machine for a tour of Atlantic Canada including a stop just down the shore from our CoveFM studios at the Chester Playhouse, Friday, November 8th. So we’ll talk about all of that and so much more including her mega talented producer Daniel Ledwell, her truly chilly video for “Hearts on Fire” and how listening closely to the lyrics of an 80’s dance smash moved her to record a surprising moving version. Plus we’ll get to First Things First, play a fun round of INsights IN 10 and naturally play as much of her marvelous music as we can squeeze into the hour – so now without further ado – here’s my conversion with the one and only Rachel Beck.

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For everything else visit rachelbeckmusic.com

We played some of Rachel’s great music all of which is available on iTunes – to get your copy just click on the title Reckless Heart, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Hearts on Fire, When You Left.

Here’s Whitney Houston’s original version of I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Listen to the Hill Kourkoutis remix of Hearts on Fire here

And here’s that great (and chilly) video for Hearts on Fire we were talking about

Watch the SABStv Holiday Special where we first met Rachel and her sister Amy here

For more on the Charlottetown Farmers Market and their Christmas markets click here

Check out Music PEI and the East Coast Music Association

We talk about some truly talented folks for more info just click on their name Serena Ryder, Rose Cousins, Donovan Woods, Tom Wilson, Hill Kourkoutis 

For more on Rachel’s producer Daniel Ledwell and his truly cool studio visit danielledwell.com

For more on Rachel’s touring partners visit AtlanticStringMachine.com

For tour dates and tickets click here.

You can check out previous SEA AND BE SCENE features and videos with Rachel Beck by clicking on the titles SABStv Christmas Show from PEI, Cool People Profile, Amy & Rachel Beck Maritime Tour, SABStv PEI 2014 Canada Day Concert

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