Janice Landry

Broadcast Date: November 6, 2019

I’ve said it once – I’ll say it a thousand times… one of the many perks of holding this position for nearly a decade is the incredible wealth of wonderful people you meet along the way – and when those meetings grow to longstanding friendships it’s the jackpot indeed. Case in point today’s guest – who’s list of accomplishments includes broadcast journalist, news anchor and show host, teacher, producer, writer and author. And it’s that last title that brings her back to the show today – as she’s just released her 5th book entitled SILVER LININGS: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency and Growth Through Adversity” – so we’ll talk about that and so much more – including her take on destiny, her wise advice for her daughter and how her work ethic and persistence landed her a truly big interview – plus we’ll do First Things First and get in a great round of Less is More so without further ado – here’s my conversation with the one and only Janice Landry.

Keep up with Janice on line website janicelandry.ca  on Twitter @JtheCanadian  and on InstaGram @jthecanadian

For more information and to buy Janice’s new book “SILVER LININGS: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency and Growth Through Adversity” click here.

You can listen to our first podcast chat with Ms.Landry by clicking here.

Here’s a picture of Janice with her sweet (and very proud) Mom – Theresa Landry taken at the book launch for Janice’s 4th book – “The Legacy Letters”

Janice Landry and her mother Theresa Landry

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Find out more about the Port Bickerton Lighthouse by clicking here.

Hope you can catch up with Janice on here book tour – and pick up a signed copy of “SILVER LININGS” – for yourself or a friend – from the author herself.  Here’s the schedule as of our broadcast date…


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