Kelley Edwards

Broadcast Date: February 19, 2020

My guest today is a lady with whom I’ve had many a great conversation with over the years – but truth be told most of them have been behind the scenes here at SEA AND BE SCENE – having been a huge supporter of my website since the very beginning – she’s written a ton of articles and photo essays and travel journals, she’s supplied us with yummy recipes from her East Coast Kitchen and created some special features too – heck back in the early days she’d even work the video camera during interviews and to this day she’s my go to photographer for our big anniversary shoots. Indeed Cape Breton born Kelley Edwards is one talented lady – who’s resume includes a very long list of skills – from actor, writer and director to social media and pr specialist and on and on – and whether she’s working with CBC here in the Maritimes or in her latest role as artistic director at the Grafton Street Dinner Theatre – folks will be quick to tell ya – she’s as delightful and funny as she is talented – come to think of it her only real flaw is her reluctance to toot her own horn – as you’ll no doubt glean throughout the hour – she’s very fast to tell you about the amazing team behind her latest production “IT DON’T MEAN A THING” and the rich history behind Halifax’s oldest dinner theatre. Indeed we’ll get the scoop on Grafton Street and so much more – including another exciting new project Kelly’s working on – a documentary series called WHEN YOU DIE – you won’t want to miss – plus we’ll fit in First Things First and get in a long over due round of INsights IN 10 – and even spin some of here favourite tunes along the way. With all that ahead I say let’s get to – Here’s my conversation with the one and only Kelley Edwards.

IT DONT MEAN A THING at the Grafton Street Dinner TheatreFor tickets, show info on “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and more visit

For more information on WHEN YOU DIE visit their official site

We played some wonderful music on the show and it’s all available on iTunes – just click on the title and get your copy of “Bad Romance” by Post Modern Jukebox, “Darlin’ Be Home Soon” by the Barra MacNeils, “Big Love” by Ian Sherwood and “It Don’t Mean A Thing” by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

You can watch the trailer for the new movie CATS here

For more info on The Death Cafe click here

To enter our SCOOBY DOO and The Lost City of Gold CONTEST click here

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