The Sidekick 2021 Spring Special

The Sidekick SPRING SPECIAL 2021 podcast

Broadcast Date – March 10, 2021

Our chats will be just that very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable…

And while we’re on the subject of luck – I consider myself beyond fortunate to have this amazing person drop into the guest chair. Albeit a week or two earlier than our annual spring special show – but when a scheduling kerfuffle called my originally scheduled guest out of town – I was able to call The Sidekick into active duty at a moment’s notice… and you wouldn’t think two people who live together would have so much to say but truthfully there’s never a dull moment in her world.  So we’ll do our best to catch up on everything including her hectic schedule at school, dance and her latest love volleyball. We’ll also talk about how life is different 1 year after this whole crazy pandemic started and the awesome amount tv shows and movies we’ve enjoyed in those 12 months. We’ll also spin some of her favourite tunes and tee up something very cool we’ve got going on with our pals here at CoveFM next month. So with all that ahead we best get to it. Here’s my springtime sit down with the most amazing daughter on the planet – the coolest kid I know – the one the only – The Sidekick!

We talked about a lot of cool movies and TV shows on the show today. For more details on any of them just click on the title. THE HUNGER GAMES, THE MINDY PROJECT, TED LASSO, THE OFFICE, BILLIE EILISH: THE WORLD’S A LITTLE BLURRY, RBG, DOLLY PARTON: HERE I AM, RIVERDALE, OZARK, GINNY AND GEORGIA, SCHITT’$ CREEK, LOCKE & KEY, DIGGSTOWN, FEUDAL

We played some wonderful tunes on the show today and they are all available on iTunes – to get a copy for yourself you can just click on the title – “Simply The Best” by Noah Reid, “You Should See Me In A Crown” by Billie Eilish, “Good News” by Classified by Breagh Isabell and “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac

For the complete list of ECMA 2021 Nominees click here.

Be sure to tune in to CoveFM on Saturday, April 17th for our Vinylathon (The Sidekick and I will be on from 3pm to 5pm Atlantic) listen OnLine EVERYWHERE at 

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