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Sheree Fitch podcast

Broadcast Date – June 23, 2021

Oh my goodness what a treat it was to finally connect with today’s guest. She certainly has given us plenty to celebrate over the years – from her award-winning and best-selling books, to her many speaking engagements to here darling and delightful book store – Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe & Dreamery.  There’s always something creative on the go in her world, and so after a decade’s worth of waiting we’ve got plenty of ground to cover – including her process for writing, her sentiments where social media is concerned and the moving moments she’s shared with folks who have found their way to her River John book shop after a lifetime of loving her work. We’ll also get her take on destiny, hear how she happened upon the love of her life and learn which BIG time East Coast Artist inspired a book about “Monkey’s in her Kitchen” when he was just a little boy . Plus we’ll get to First Things First, play a long overdue round of INsights IN 10 and even spin some of her favourite tunes along the way. So with all that ahead we best get to it. Here’s my telephone conversation with the one and only Sheree Fitch. (you’ll find the player at the bottom of the post)

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We played some wonderful music in this episode and it’s all available on iTunes – add them to your collection by clicking on the title – “My Bonny” by Laura Smith, “Simple Pleasures” by David Myles (ftg. Classified) and “The Water is Wide” by James Taylor

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